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Selling / renting a property

What's the deal?

4321 Property ia a unique comprehensive system that utilizes AI (artificial intellegence)-powered automation and marketing tools to optimize the sale of your property. With its wide-ranging promotion, targeted reach, and extensive viewership, our platform maximizes your chances of securing the best possible price for your property.

Avoid being limited to a small local market & getting convinced to sell your property below it's real price potential.

Go beyond your local market to reach high quality buyers locally & internationally to increase buyer demand & get the best possible selling price.
Using AI-powered tools, 4321 Property will help you find those buyers.

We accept properties from private sellers / landlords & agents.

How does it work?

4321 Property is an innovative system that utilizes cutting-edge AI-powered automation and marketing tools to ensure you receive the best possible price for your property. By harnessing the latest technology, our platform stands out as the sole solution designed to optimize your property's exposure and attract the best potential buyers.

Through our comprehensive system, your property receives AI-targeted promotion internationally across a vast network of channels, including numerous websites, advertising platforms, social media platforms, and investor databases. The best part? All of this is effortlessly managed from one centralized location, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time and effort.
Your property is targeted to reach the highest quality buyers & international buyers.

How do I join?

Simply click "Sell Your Property" / "ADVERTISE!" / "Add Your Property" on any property page & then fill the form.

Is my property promoted on Facebook & Google?

Gold users will be promoted on a variety of networks including paid Facebook Ads, Google Ads & more. A free trial is available to new users to test the power of AI powered marketing on these platforms. Join 4321 Property now to start.

I've found a buyer via 4321 Property, do you charge commission?

No, we do not charge commissions or any selling fees. 0% commission.

What is the Investor Database?

4321 Property has exclusive access to massive databases of active property investors. After joining, your property will automatically be connected to potential investors.

Can I change / edit or delete my property?

After placing a your property you can change it, change the price or delete it whenever you want.

Can I add multiple photos?

Yes, you can upload multiple photos. Our AI systems will improve & find your best performing photos.

Where is my property shown?

Using unique AI-powered automation and marketing tools, your property is promoted on paid search engines, social networks, property sites & other media in over 200 countries, including those in North America & Europe. You will reach a huge domestic & international audiences.

I am selling my property privately & have found a buyer. Can you help finalize the sale?

Save Agency & Realtor fees!

When you find a buyer we can recommend verified experts to safely finalize your sale for you. Contact our team for details.

I have a property listed with an agent, can I still use 4321 Property?

Yes - there are no selling contracts or commissions so you can use 4321 Property while being listed with an agent.

How will interested buyers contact me?

You will then be notified by email of responses, viewing requests, matches, leads & offers for your property. You can access them from your 4321 Property login pages.

How many properties can I add?

Agents, developers, marketers & private sellers can list unlimited number of properties.

I am an Agent, do you accept XML feeds?

Yes. Sign up now by listing 1 property then you can send us your feed from your login pages.




Replying to a property listed on 4321 Property

How do I contact properties?

To find out more details about a property simply click 'Contact' where you see the property & write a message. The seller will then get back to you.


What is a 'Seller Match'?

To help you find the perfect property, using our unique matching technology, we will alert owners, agents and landlords automatically who will alert you on 4321 Property of similar properties. This feature can be turned on & off from your login pages.


I contacted a property but no one has responded!

Sometimes advertisers take time to respond, or they may ignore inquiries that come from users who are unconfirmed. Contact our team & we will investigate the reason for you.



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