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1.) 0.07 HA in Nyamasaria next to the Water Processing Plant
Freehold title. Easily accessible to water and electricity.
Secure and suitable for residential houses.
Asking price: Ksh. 1.7M

2.) 0.0185 HA in Lolwe
This is an excellent location for putting up residential houses.
Price: Ksh. 1.3 M (Negotiable)
Clean title available

3.) 1/2 Acre in Kisian/Ojola
2 KMs from the New Airport
Price: 1.3 M
4.) 3/4 Acres in RIAT just past SOS.
Price: 1.6M
Clean title
5.) 0.03 HA Nyalenda plot

6.) 51 parcels of 0.02 HA in Mamboleo
Price:1M each

7.) 15 parcels of 0.0286 HA in Mamboleo
Price:1.1M each

8.) 9 parcels of 0.040 HA in Mamboleo
Price:1.3 M each

9.) 2 parcels of 0.0423 HA in Mamboleo
Price:1.5 M each

10.) 2 prime Acres in Ukweli
This is a uber-prime plot; it is located 100 metres from the Kakamega neighbors and upcoming hotel!
Price: 5M per acre

11.) Ten acres in Nyahera.
Very clean title. Flat and good for a sacco or an institution.
Price: 1.8M per acre

12.) 2 acres for sale in RIAT(Maembe/Mti Moja area)
The land is located about 100 metres from Lake Fill Petrol Station and 100 metres from Kakamega highway.
Price: 5M

¼ Acre -1.5M
¼ Acre-900,000
2 Acres(S.O.S)-5M

14.) RIAT

15.) KSM/OJOLLA 0.1 HA

16.) KSM/OJOLLA 0.14 HA

17.) 0.7 HA & 1 HA KOGONY(TOWN VIEW)

18.) 0.04 HA in Tido

19.) 0.03 HA in Ogango

20.) 1/4 Acre in Otonglo

21.) 1/2 Acre in Kisian Bondo Rd

22.) 0.08 HA in Uzima
Price:1.2 M

23.) 0.06 HA in Nyawita Upper

24.) 0.02 HA Afya SACCO

25.) 0.02 HA in Manyatta

26.) 0.05 HA in Mamboleo

27.) 22 acres of very fertile agricultural land along Kisumu-Kisii road near Sikri in Oyugis.
One end of the land touches the river and therefore would be easy to irrigate.
The land is good for agriculture or construction of private schools.
Price: 750,000/- per acre.(Negotiable.)

28.) 0.05 HA IN KONYA

29.) 2 Acres in Ukweli
This is very hot 2 acre plot in Ukweli about 300M from Kakamega highway.

It is surrounded by nice Bungalows and there is a new hotel nearby.

The asking price is Ksh. 5.8M but the owner is willing to subdivide and sell 1 acre.

30.) 0.08ha prime plot for sale near Ukweli Pastoral Centre.
Asking Price: Ksh. 1.3M

31.) 1/4 acre plot slightly past St. Monica`s Hospital Ukweli
Price: 900,000.

32.) 1.25 ha slightly past St. Monica Hospital Ukweli
Price: Make Offer

33.) 2 acres slightly past St. Monica Hospital Ukweli
Price: 3.9M

34.) 0.05 ha opposite St. Monica Hospital Ukweli
Price: 950,000

35.) ¼ acre plot neighbouring St. Monica Hospital Ukweli
Asking Price:1.1M

36.) 2 prime acres in Ukweli-300 metres from Kakamega Highway
Asking price:

37.) ¼ acre for sale in Ukweli near Bukna Primary School
Asking Price: 1.3M

38.) ¼acre plot for sale in RIAT near Olela Got just past RIAT Junction
Asking price: 1.2M

39.) 0.08ha prime plot for sale near Ukweli Pastoral Centre.
Asking Price: Ksh. 1.3M


1.) 0.14 HA Dunga Plot behind Dunga Hospital
Ideal for a residential house.
Asking price: Ksh. 1.7M

2.) Dunga beach plot- 3/4 Acre
This plot touches the lake and is suitable for a hotel or guest house.
Price: 10M

3.) 0.31 HA Dunga plot close to the lake
This plot is about 60 metres from the lake.
Price: 3.5M

4.) 0.03 HA in Dunga

5.) 15 Acres Kanyawegi Beach Plots
This land is in a pristine location. The greenery and fresh area around the area is refreshing. The plot touches the lake and is suitable for a big hotel or a guest house.
The plot is served road that goes all the way to the new Kisumu International airport. The road is slated for tarmacking soon.
Price: 3.5M/Acre

6.) 2 Acres of beach land in Kanyawegi
This plot is located in a raised ground and touches the lake. It is excellent for the construction of a hotel/ residential home.
It has a view of the airport runway from a distance and the town.
Price: 4M/acre.

7.) 1.75 Acres beach plot in Kanyawegi
This is clean plot on a flat ground. It is on the 2nd row from the lake.
Price: 2.8M/acre

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