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KES500,000  Plot of land Thika

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1/2 acre along Thika road,touching the proposed main road,ideal for a petro station, 11M

2.5 acres agricultural land,Kakuzi area,ideal for farming,with title,asking price Ksh. 600k all

8 acres agricultural land,served by good access road,area boasts of a river frontage,with title,asking price Ksh. 1M all

3 acres agricultural land in Maragua range,area ideal for mangos,with title,asking price Ksh. 250k per acre

10 acres agricultural land in Kakuzi,20 km from Kakuzi Plantations Murang`a Road, ideal for farming, flat terrain, with title, Asking price Kshs 2.5M all

5 acres agricultural land in Kakuzi, Ideal for farming,water and electricity available with title, Asking price ksh 1.5M all

1 acre in Kenol town,touching tarmac,with title,ideal for a petro station,calling price 9M all

40 by 80 feet commercial plot in Kenol,with title,near Thika road,asking price 1.3M

4 commercial plots in Kenol town,40 by 80 feet,on the third row from the Nairobi - Nyeri road,about 2 km from Murang`a road,with title,asking price 1.4M each

1/2 an acre residential plot in Maki estate,Thika,sitting on red-flat soil,touching tarmac,with title,asking price 6M

3 acres in Maragua range,area ideal for mango farming,with a title,asking price 230k per acre

2 acres touching the Thika super highway,a commercial plot in Ruiru,with title,plot has flat terrain with red soil,ideal for apartments asking price ksh 45M

100 by 100 feet plot (1/4acre) in Landless estate,along the Thika-Garissa highway,with title,plot is on murram soil,asking price Ksh 1.2M

4 plots 50 by 100 feet plot in Ngoingwa estate,with title,has a good access road,surrounding neighborhood,on flat ground red soil,ideal for residential asking Price: 1.5M each

6000 acres in Nanyuki,5 km off the Nyeri - Rumuruti road,served by a well all-weather marrum road,asking price Ksh. 150k per acre

1300 acres in Timau,10km from Nyeri - Rumuruti road,ideal for agriculture,asking price: per acre

45000 acres for sale fronting the Nanyuki - Meru road,has an airstrip,a 100 acres water dam,cows,horses and rhinos,with a clean title asking price Ksh. 150k per acre

 -(Phone number)- 7 6

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